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Game News
Welcome to the Pandora Sector Home Page. If you are a member of the league, please sign up for the site and apply to Pandora Sector. If you are already in the League you'll be instantly accepted, if you'd like to be in the league just apply and then drop by the forum and post you character info and username in the recruitment section.

The forums are operational. There is a members only area to introduce yourself, so please do, and also a place to post your character backstory for fun, if they have one. It is also members only. If you have alternate characters you are welcome to post their backstories too. You can also post short stories for you character if you'd like too. Just do it in the same section you created for your character.

We are both a PvP and a PvE league. We are looking for sixteen players for now, but will become larger in the future. We would like to have four of each type, Controller, Tank, Healer, Damage. 

Why so few? Well we want everyone to be able to get a high chance for drops in raids and alerts.

The more active you are on this site and in the game the more likely you are to get drops. Points are given for credible posts in the forum, especially character info, and for raids, alerts, and PvP with the league.

As soon as we get enough people we will begin alerts, and later raids. Although until then we can always do Duos, and alerts with other people.

If you have a MIC then also mention that in your welcome post in the members section. I have one and will use it quite often in groups, it makes communication simpler.

Lets have some fun Pandora Sector,

Guild News

League Points System

Un7ucky_XIII, Sep 10, 11 3:56 AM.
A league points system is in place. Everyone will get 5 points when they sign up for the website. Points work in a certain way.

-You get 1 point for every DECENT post. Atleast 50 characters and has a credible point or reason.
-You get points for every League instigated PvP event. 1 point for each PvP run during the event, which can last from one hour on.
-You get 3-7 points depending on each league alert. Harder ones get more.
-You will get at least 10 points for a raid, but that may change by the time we get there.

When points are implemented which will be when league events start, different items will cost different amounts, depending on rarity, and amount of people needing it. There is a base cost for each rarity, which may change later.

-Greens are 5 points
-Blues are 8 points
-Purples are 12 points
These may change by the time points are implemented.
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We are looking for sixteen players. Four tanks, three more damage, three more controllers, and four healers. I will update this as more are chosen and needed. Your alternate characters are welcome too.
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